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Q3 2020 BSUoS Analysis

Over the third quarter of 2020, a combination of high renewable output and reduced demand from COVID-19 meant that BSUoS value remained higher than normal when comparing it to the rolling three year average prior…

Renewable Exchange Structure 15 Year ROC Offtake Arrangement

Working in partnership with Renewable Exchange, Solar Growth Limited, an Armstrong Capital managed vehicle, and Ecotricity have entered into a long-term agreement to supply and purchase Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) from a portfolio of operational…

Q2 2020 BSUoS Analysis

The significant demand reduction due to COVID-19 over the second quarter of 2020 has led to some extreme out-turns in BSUoS value (BSUoS being the charge by which National Grid recovers money from the network…

Renewable Exchange Market Update: 22/05/2020

Happy bank holiday weekend! Hope you all have some plans in the forecast sunshine. Britain has now been coal free for over a month – the first time since the industrial revolution! Although this is…

Renewable Exchange Market Update: 30/04/2020

As the lockdown continues and social distancing slowly becomes the norm across the globe, we see the destructive effects that low demand has caused on UK and Global power markets.  Over the past 28 days…

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