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Renewable Exchange Market Update: 13/03/2020

Happy Friday 13th, Dramatic start to the week as the oil prices dropped 31% over the weekend. Continued pressure from the US and China trade dispute to blame amongst other things, this contributed to depressed…

Renewable Exchange Market Update: 06/03/2020

Exciting news for the whole renewables industry this week as BEIS released a consultation document announcing proposed changes to the Contracts for Difference scheme. There are changes to storage and negative pricing, but the main…

Renewable Exchange Market Update: 28/02/2020

Hello all, Interesting week reflected in the UK power market. Wind and hydro generation has benefited highly from the relentless chain of storms. However there have been several reports of hydro assets unable to cope…

Renewable Exchange Market Update: 21/02/2020

Another week another named storm. This week sees the UK battered by Storm Dennis, bringing high winds and flooding to most of the country. Wind asset owners find the silver lining to Dennis’s clouds as…

Renewable Exchange Market Update: 14/02/2020

Hi All, The beginning of the week saw almost 5000 homes still without power as Storm Ciara brought 97mph winds and 6 weeks of rain in 2 days. However, a positive for wind generation as…

Renewable Exchange Market Update: 07/02/2020

The biggest news in the commodities market this week is LNG prices falling to a 10-year low driven by a reduction in demand from China as the coronavirus outbreak spreads. With China terminating LNG shipment…

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Renewable Exchange was founded to support transparency, fairness and efficiency for independent generators. As part of this ambition, we have released our first REGO index which provides an industry benchmark for the price at which…

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